Paying with kulula moolah

kulula moolah

kulula moolah is like having cash to pay for flights. You earn kulula moolah by swiping your kulula credit card every time you spend.

1 kulula moolah = R1

When you want to use your kulula moolah to pay for a flight, log into your kulula ID profile to access your personal Travel bank account.

kulula moolah and Travel bank

All kulula moolah is automatically transferred to a Travel bank account. This is a personal flight account especially set up for you that offers, convenient and hassle-free transactions when you book and pay for local kulula flights. kulula moolah cannot be used to pay for extras, car rental or accommodation at this stage.

Your Travel bank account can be used to pay or part-pay for any flight on along with any credit card payment.


If you were a old jetsetter member you already have a Travel bank account set up for you. Simply login with the same user name and password.

kulula credit cardholders

As a kulula credit card holder you can pay or part-pay for flight bookings with the kulula moolah you've earned while you were shopping. Earned kulula moolah is deposited into a Travel bank account as you spend on a daily basis.

Don't have a kulula credit card? If you’d like to fly for less, apply for a kulula credit card and start earning.