kulula to cause a stink

Jo'burg – Tuesday 01 April - In an effort to lighten its load and save on fuel costs in increasingly constricted operating conditions, kulula will be dumping its processed sewerage over uninhabited areas at high altitudes. Apart from the cash benefit, the initiative will have a double-whammy effect (related to the airline's Project Green) of saving the environment by producing less carbon emissions as well as literally greening the earth.

Onboard sewerage is traditionally stored in 4 tanks onboard an aircraft that are emptied at the various airports during its turnaround in between flights. The tanks each have a storage capacity of 200 litres of processed waste. Dumping the contents three of the four tanks will mean a significant saving in fuel burn and carbon emissions.

The waste will be sprayed into the air and incorporated into the atmosphere by natural processes and reach the ground as part of normal rain. Independent scientists have proved that this method of waste disposal will also counter the harmful effects of acid rain by neutralising the rain's pH levels. Furthermore, due to the extremely low temperatures reaching up to -50ºC at altitudes of 30,000ft any pathogens that the powerful disinfectant used may have missed are killed making the disposal method a safe one.

Says Gidon Novick, the airline's joint CEO, "Our customers and the general public will appreciate what we're doing for the environment and keeping air fares low, but I suspect that our new idea will cause a stink with other airlines who will be kicking themselves for not thinking of it first."