kulula.com teams up with Wiesenhof Coffees

Today kulula.com, South Africa's first low fare airline, launched its coffee-shop-in-the-sky concept through a new partnership with Wiesenhof Coffees.

Gidon Novick joint CEO of kulula.com said of the new venture, "Our business is so successful because it is built on great people and great partnerships and we're proud to welcome Wiesenhof onboard. Due to the fact that they have a fresh outlook on consumer trends, they were streaks ahead of their competition and perfect for our customers' needs."

kulula.com has truly outdone itself with the new menu which includes an assortment of hot and cold beverages, pastries, cakes, pizzas, rolls, sandwiches and fresh salads. Customers will also be able to experience two gourmet coffees in the air, which is a cut above what is normally offered on local airlines.

Novick said, "We pride ourselves in high levels of service delivery and the variety of choice and convenience that we offer to our fans and I know they will be delighted with this latest offering."

Details of the full menu are available separately onboard and in the latest edition of Comic Life, kulula.com's in-flight magazine.


Who is Wiesenhof Coffees?

The business concept of Wiesenhof Coffees was initially conceived by Kobus, Cornel and Ben Wiese in a small coffee shop in 1996. The two Wiese brothers, Kobus and Cornel, began roasting their own coffee beans on the premises using a small five kilogram batch roaster.

The demand for their gourmet coffee and the passionate service provided to customers soon escalated and the business started expanding rapidly into coffee products, coffee machines, consumables, disposables and franchised coffee shops.

A decision was made to start importing coffee beans on a larger scale and so the Wiesenhof Coffee Roastery (Pty) Ltd company and the Wiesenhof Coffee Group (Pty) Ltd i.e. the Wiesenhof Coffee Shops Franchise company was established and is now the fastest growing coffee company in South Africa, with plans to expand internationally. More information is available on www.wiesenhofcoffees.co.za 

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Glenda Zvenyika
Communications Manager
Comair Limited