kulula challenges rivals to reduce World Cup airfares

Jo'burg - kulula.com today challenged all South African airlines to lower their airfares during the World Cup. Since the World Cup draw, at the beginning of December 2009, kulula has consistently offered the lowest airfares during the tournament. An additional 28 000 seats, mostly on its new Boeing 737-800 aircraft, have already been added to cater for World Cup fans. kulula has also undertaken to provide an additional 15 000 seats if demand for World Cup seats grows.

"It's our policy to rather add more flights than to rely on pushing prices up. If you compare the prices of domestic flights during the tournament, our prices are the lowest, finished and klaar. We invite consumers to compare fares for themselves and we challenge all airlines to reduce their prices," said kulula executive Heidi Brauer.

Many of the additional seats have been added to and from Lanseria, which has proved to be a popular choice for World Cup travellers for its ease of use and low cost flights. kulula flights from that airport during June 2010 are still being sold from as little as R419. "Even though there has been a lot of whinging and misinformation from 1 competitor about our fares out of Lanseria, their fares from ORT Tambo are higher than ours from Lanseria and over World Cup - 3 times higher!"

Brauer cautioned that fares closer to the time were likely to increase and encouraged fans to book their seats as soon as possible.

"The World Cup should not be seen as a 'get rich quick' scheme. One quick visit to kulula.com will settle any remaining unnecessary worries about World Cup pricing. Now we can all concentrate on putting on the greatest show on earth!" Brauer concluded.