kulula's solution to load shedding

Following another night of darkness in much of Jo'burg last night resulting from continuous and unpredictable 'load shedding', kulula.com has once again called for the government to urgently introduce daylight saving time (DST) in South Africa. DST, which involves turning the clocks forward by one hour during the long summer days, has resulted in significant power savings in over 70 countries around the world that have summer time daylight saving in place.

According to Joint CEO of kulula, Gidon Novick, "Our research shows that peak demand typically occurs during the early hours of the evening when most people are returning from work and using lights, cooking and bathing at home. Daylight saving time would extend our evening light by an hour and significantly reduce the demand for electricity during this time."

kulula introduced its "fight for light" campaign over two years ago with the goal of not only saving scarce electricity but also adding an hour of evening leisure time to the lives of South Africans. Subsequently kulula has gathered the support of over 30,000 of its customers as well as a host of big corporates including First National Bank.