kulula simplifies online payment for flights

Jo'burg - kulula has introduced a new online payment mechanism called Secure Instant Deposit (SID) that will help speed up and simplify internet transfers. SID is an assisted electronic funds transfer which allows our fans to safely transfer cash directly to kulula using their existing Internet banking facility as an alternative to using a credit card.

"SID is an easy and safe way to buy stuff online. First time users will be asked to run a quick application which will give kulula permission to 'talk directly to your bank'. kulula's banking details will automatically be pre-populated on the payments page, and then paying for your flight is just a few simple clicks away," says Nadine Damen, Marketing Manager.

SID is mutually beneficial to both consumers and the merchant. Real time assurance of a purchasing receipt gives peace of mind to both parties that the transaction was completed successfully. Additionally, consumers can shop without exposing their financial information and pay directly from an online bank account, no credit card is required so they are not drawing on a credit purchase.

Once consumers have received their receipt, they will be ready to fly immediately – there is no need to fax through confirmation of payment or wait for a flight confirmation. "Less fuss, no admin... easy peasy!" ends Damen.

For more information please visit: www.kulula.com