It's official: Sepp Blatter flies kulula!

Sepp Blatter, a Boston Terrier from Cape Town takes up offer of free flights

Jo'burg, 18 June - Sepp Blatter, a young Boston Terrier from Cape Town, is receiving free flights from low fare airline kulula during the next month following an offer to fly the president of FIFA around South Africa. Responding to an advert placed by the low fare airline in the Sunday Times, the dog's owners pointed out that the offer didn't specify which Sepp Blatter the ad, referred to, so their pet was eligible to take advantage of the free flights. Sepp (the dog) changed his name specifically to take up the offer.

kulula has agreed to honour the promise of free flights during June and July and will be giving Sepp Blatter (the dog) a seat up front on any flight he wishes to travel on. The original advert was made as a conciliatory gesture towards the human Sepp Blatter following well publicised criticism from FIFA of previous kulula marketing during the World Cup period.

"We really wanted to make a gesture to Sepp Blatter for putting on such a great show and to make up for our somewhat cheeky advertising telling people how reasonable our fares are. We were somewhat surprised that instead of flying the president of FIFA around we'll now be giving a seat to a Boston Terrier but he's really quite cute and very well behaved so why not," said Nadine Damen, Marketing Manager of kulula.

Sepp Blatter (the dog) will be enjoying flights to Jo'burg and Durbs over the next few weeks. Having impressed kulula with his sparkling personality and canine good looks his trips will be covered on the kulula Facebook page Sepp can also be found on Twitter