kulula flies JZ - even our President knows that our pilots are the best in the country

Jo'burg – Wednesday, 19 August 2009 Our pilots have always had friends in high places but the latest one is quite a VIP. JZ (not the one married to Beyonce) has chosen our flyers to pilot the presidential plane!

kulula pilots have been responsible for ensuring JZ's safe flight to the G-8 summit held in Italy on July 8 and again to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, for a Non-Aligned Movement meeting days later. As our planes can't fly long haul flights, we choose to escort him around the globe in the presidential jet, a customized Boeing 737 – 7ED called "Inkwazi" which translates to Fish Eagle.

This responsibility is shared between kulula and the South African Air Force, so when they're too busy zooming across the sky in fighter jets and training to save our country, kulula steps in and jets our president to his important engagements.