kulula crew: of course we can swim!

Jo'burg (by the poolside) - 21 November 2007. In an act of defiance against the bizarre claim by the Labour Department that kulula.com doesn't hire crew who cannot swim and the department's continued harassment of their holding company Comair, kulula.com crew today donned their sexy swimsuits and headed to the public pool in Boksburg to display their swimming talents.

Many of kulula.com's 250 crew members joined the company without having swimming skills but have subsequently been trained not only to swim, but also to life-save and manage a water evacuation situation. These skills are mandated by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

Star kulula.com swimmers include Pandora "Nemo" Ndungane who has been swimming since she was a little tyke with her favourite stroke being backstroke. Her crew buddy Mildred "flipper" Mohale only learned to swim after joining kulula.com but is now comfortable performing a rescue like a lifeguard.

Since the story broke in the press earlier in the week, kulula.com has had an influx of applications for cabin crew positions from qualified swimmers. For a cabin crew position at kulula.com, South Africans of all colours are free to apply and should forward their CVs to talent@kulula.com. kulula.com does warn though that they are pretty fussy as to who they choose. Qualifying criteria include not just a vibrant and bubbly personality but also a height prerequisite of between 1.58m and 1.83m (sorry, you need to be able to reach the overhead luggage compartments), a grade 12 qualification and a minimum of three years of customer service training or experience. The ability to swim is, of course, not required.


kulula swim team 1: (left to right) Mpho "Speedo" Gumede, Mildred "Flipper" Mohale, Pandora "Nemo" Ndungane, Robin "Barracuda" Tindell

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kulula swim team 2: (Back - left to right) Mildred "Flipper" Mohale, Pandora "Nemo" Ndungane, Mpho "Speedo" Gumede, Siphokazi "Torpedo" Nozewu. (Front - left to right) Robin "Barracuda" Tindell, Vicky "the shark" Smith

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