kulula takes no nonsense when it comes to safety

Johannesburg - 24 January 2007. In the light of the bomb threat that was made on kulula.com's flight MN106 from Cape Town to Johannesburg on Wednesday 24 January, the airline has once again stated that all threats made to the safety of its passengers and crew will be taken in a very serious light.

Gidon Novick, joint CEO of kulula.com said, "Safety of our passengers and crew is of utmost importance to us and we take a no-nonsense approach to any threats made."

Novick went on to say, "I appeal to all our customers not to make such jokes because we will take them seriously and hand offenders to the police for prosecution." He added that, "dealing with these sort of offenders also inconveniences our other customers."

A passenger was allowed through a security check point at Cape Town international airport by ACSA security officials after falsely stating that an unusual-looking object in his luggage was a bomb. However when the flight captain was informed of the incident as he was preparing for take-off, he followed standard operating procedure by returning back to base and handing the suspect over to police officials.

There were 103 passengers and six crew on board the Boeing 737-400 and no-one was harmed.