kulula takes the fun of flying to the highways

Cape Town: To remind people about the delights of flying, kulula.com has added a new set of wheels to its fleet of 10 trusty planes. But unlike its airborne sisters, this one-of-a-kind ride enjoys cruising the highways instead of the high skies.

Nadine Damen, marketing manager at kulula.com says, "Flying is as commonplace these days as driving to and from work; it's just part of our regular commute. So, to put the fun back into flying, and make it seem less of a chore, we've revamped an old-school 1976 Chrysler Special Edition with our striking signature style and let it loose on the highways around Mzanzi to hopefully make a few fans smile."

The car has all the special features of a regular plane like drop-down oxygen masks and adjustable reading lights. It even lets passengers know where the ejector seat is. And, while the kulula car was spotted in Fish Hoek Main Road last weekend - inducing many curious stares from onlookers – "it isn't the first in a new fleet of kulula cars to take fans to and from the airport; it's just there to remind South Africans how fun flying with us can be," quips Nadine. To catch the kulula car on its ride around South Africa, visit kulula's Facebook page on: www.facebook.com/iflykulula.