kulula.com thinks Mango will go vrot

kulula.com staked it's claim today as the leader of low fare travel in South Africa. "Forgive me if I brag a bit but we introduced low fare air travel into this country over 5 years ago and in that time have doubled the size of the market, have treated over 5M fans to low fares, and have become South Africa's biggest on-line retailer," says kulula.com joint CEO Gidon Novick. 

Responding to the launch of the new state owned carrier Novick says "Better later than never, I guess". He went on to say that, "we already have two state subsidised airlines in South Africa (SAA and SA Express) and Mango is also likely to be a drain on South African taxpayers. Countries around the world have privatised their state owned airlines yet we are now investing R100M in a third. Furthermore the bulk of Mango's business will cannibalise SAA's market share as they already have 50% of the local market." 

kulula.com has issued a challenge to Mango to follow its example and advertise it's fares as fully inclusive with no sneaky hidden costs. kulula.com went on to affirm its commitment as the price leader in the market. "We have the lowest costs in the business and will match that with the most competitive prices even though we have shareholders that we are accountable to," continued Novick. 

kulula.com has offered its support to the new airline. "We've learnt a lot over the past five years and encourage the management team of Mango to call us on 0861 kulula (585852) for some handy tips on how to run a successful low fare airline. We'd be happy to help," concludes Novick. 


Issued by 

Glenda Zvenyika
Communications Manager
Comair Limited