kulula.com celebrates 10th birthday with intergalactic expansion plans

Johannesburg: kulula.com is celebrating its tenth birthday by looking to a potentially intergalactic future. To mark ten years in business and a staggering 55 million kilometres flown (the distance between Earth and Mars) the airline has claimed a ten acre spot on Mars for future expansion. Part of the land will be given to staff and business partners as part of the birthday celebrations.

Gidon Novick, joint CEO of kulula.com says, "Ten years ago flying was something only for the elite few who could afford it and not much fun. The launch of kulula.com literally changed the entire industry and we've come a seriously long way since our first flight. It's only right that as well as celebrating the past we look to the future and think on a grand and possibly even interplanetary scale."

To help visualise the future and what a kulula.com Mars base could look like, an artist's impression has been commissioned showing a self-sufficient living module, travel terminal and retail complex. A (non-space ready) prototype kulula space ship will also be unveiled at Cape Town International Airport and OR Tambo International Airport during the birthday month.

It is anticipated that the plot of land, registered by kulula, could be in use as early as 2060. In the meantime, kulula.com has approached international space agencies including NASA, to alert them to the claim and invite them to visit (at some point).

kulula fans and customers can take part in a competition to win a plot within the kulula Mars base by suggesting a creative use for their plot. Visitwww.facebook.com/iflykulula for further details.