kulula.com takes strong stance on threats

kulula.com has issued a strong statement following the incident earlier today on board MN120 from Cape Town to Johannesburg. During the flight two passengers made threatening remarks to the cabin crew who then informed the captain who immediately returned the aircraft to safety in Cape Town. 

A swift response by the South African Police Services (SAPS) ensured that the two were immediately arrested and taken into custody. After the police investigation, the remaining passengers were finally re-boarded for the flight to Johannesburg and were supported by trauma counsellors. 

kulula.com has paid tribute to the swift and decisive actions of its crew as well Airports Company (ACSA) and the SAPS. "Thanks to great cooperation between our flight and ground crew, ACSA and the SAPS we were able to restore a safe situation quickly and effectively," said Gidon Novick, Joint CEO of Comair Limited. 

Novick went on to issue a strong warning to would-be offenders adding, "We hope that this incident serves as a warning to any would-be offenders that we take any threats made to our customers and crew very seriously and they will be severely dealt with in accordance with the Civil Aviation Act." 


Issued by 

Glenda Zvenyika
Communications Manager
Comair Limited