kulula fleet expands with eight new Boeing 737-800s

Jo'burg - Wednesday, 09 December 2009 - kulula operated by Comair Limited, is expanding its fleet to include eight state-of-the-art Boeing 737-800s. Despite tough economic times and the difficulties of competing against state-subsidised competitors such as SAA, kulula has continued its run of success enabling it to substantially grow its fleet from a single aircraft in 2001 to 8 aircraft in 2010.

The new aircraft will help to cater for the high passenger volumes over summer, as well as assist in keeping ticket costs manageable during the World Cup. The first of the kulula Boeing 737-800s will take to the skies this month and the rest will be phased in during 2010. The new planes are amongst the most efficient aircraft currently available, making them cheaper to operate and since they use less fuel kinder to the environment than older planes.

According to kulula's joint CEO, Gidon Novick, "The Boeing 737-800 is used by most leading low-fare airlines around the world and adding them to our fleet has considerable advantages both for the business and our passengers. We have also been careful to pick just the right market conditions for these acquisitions, rather than rushing the purchase at unfavourable times as some of our competitors have done. Our passengers expect not only great value but also comfort, safety and less environmental damage, these planes allow us to continue to offer this."

The 737-800 Boeings can seat 185 passengers, 20 more than the current seating number in the model 400 aircraft. Their cruising speed is also 8% faster than our previous jets. The addition of the planes brings kulula's total fleet to 8 and the new planes will be in operation on all routes.

For more information about kulula visit www.kulula.com