Comair undertakes proactive precautionary Boeing 737-200 inspections

Johannesburg - 9 November 2007.  Following the incident on the Nationwide Boeing 737-200 flight earlier this week, Comair has proactively undertaken a full inspection of the engine mountings and bolts on its 6 Boeing 737-200 aircraft. All inspections were clear and nothing abnormal was found on any of our aircraft.

The South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) today issued an Emergency Airworthiness Directive - RSA AD 07-002 indicating that all Boeing 737-200 and DC9 aircraft will be grounded immediately until further detailed engine inspections on these aircraft are carried out. Comair has been given special dispensation in terms of this directive until Sunday November 11. All further inspections as mandated by the CAA will be completed by Comair before the deadline.

According to Joint CEO Erik Venter, "We've taken precautionary measures following this week's incident and we will continue to work with the CAA on all of their safety requirements. All of our services are anticipated to operate normally."