Find your doppelgänger on-board a kulula plane and win flights

Johannesburg, 23 November

South Africa’s favourite low-cost carrier, is adding cheer to their flights just before the festive season kicks off by calling on passengers to search for their ‘doppelgänger’ on their next flight with the ‘Green’ airline. Who? You may ask. A doppelgänger, German in origin, refers to "twin strangers" – people unknown to each other who look alike.

The doppelgänger trend has become a global phenomenon, resulting in remarkable first-time meetings of people who have nearly identical features.

“At kulula, we are all about making flying fun and a novel experience for all our passengers. Recently two strangers in the UK made global headlines when they took a selfie that shared their uncanny resemblance.

This inspired us. The doppelgänger trend has taken the world by storm and many can’t believe how two strangers can actually be twins. Finding your own doppelgänger can add fun and banter to your flight and we do love giving away free flights to our fans”, says Shaun Pozyn, Head of Marketing for

How to win kulula flights

When flying between 25 November – 7 December 2015, look to your left and right to see if you can spot your doppelgänger. Post a selfie with you and your twin stranger to the kulula Facebook (iflykulula) & Twitter (@kulula) pages, using the hashtag #MyKululaTwin and you could both stand a chance to win a return flight to any kulula destination.