kulula challenges corporate South Africa and loyal fans to send #WingsForCaster

Johannesburg, 27 February 2019 -South Africa’s most fun airline, kulula.com, today revved up its engines and put its support squarely behind South Africa’s golden girl of athletics, Caster Semenya. In a challenge to all other corporates in South Africa, the South African Government, our National Sporting Teams, Academic institutions and South African citizens, kulula wants to urge them to do the same and to show some support for one of our national champions.

“Caster Semenya, has long been flying the South African flag for us on a global stage, proving that an athlete from South Africa can obtain global success, break records and inspire the youth of South Africa. It is with this in mind, that our staff at kulula came together and decided to inspire her to stay proud and keep her head held high. We want to keep the momentum going and we would therefore like to challenge the rest of South Africa to use her “signature move” to show her that we are 100% behind her by sending #WingsForCaster,” says Shaun Pozyn, Head of Marketing at kulula.com.

Should South African companies and citizens want to join in a victory lap for Caster, we challenge and urge them to make a video of themselves, their organisation or business showcasing Caster’s “signature move” and load it up on social media platforms using #WingsForCaster.

Let’s get behind our gal and show the world the love and support we have for one of our most successful athletes.

To have a look at how we did in our video of support to Caster, check it out here.

Give it Wings!