kulula.com’s Price Freeze de-stresses online flight shopping

Johannesburg, 11 November 2016We’ve all had the exasperating moment when booking a flight online: you find a fare that’s a real bargain, but by the time you want to pay, the price has increased.

It’s a consequence of demand for tickets and it can be downright frustrating, which is why kulula.com has introduced its new Price Freeze payment facility.

Bridgette Ramuluvhana, Marketing Manager of kulula.com says: “We know what it’s like trying to book a ticket at the lowest price while also trying to confirm your travel plans with friends and family. Price Freeze helps you avoid that. You just select it on the kulula.com site when making a booking. So, instead of paying for your booking immediately, you can simply choose to hold the booking for up to 24 hours, giving you valuable time to confirm plans with family or friends. A great time-saver for a fee of only R50 per person per booking and available when you are shopping for flights more than seven days before your planned travel date.

She adds: “kulula.com sells tickets at the lowest available fares to travellers at the time of booking, and seats sell out according to demand. When tickets are in demand, seats may sell out quickly, with prices increasing gradually. The Price Freeze facility offers the convenience of securing a ticket at the price which was available at the time of booking, whilst finalising your travel plans.”

The new facility is likely to prove popular with customers, adds Ramuluvhana.