kulula.com gives 100-year-old #wingstofly

Johannesburg, 12 September 2018 -South Africa’s most fun airline kulula.com is proud to announce that it gifted the magic of flying to a 100-year-old passenger today.

Stemming from a discussion on Talk Radio 702 on the topic of 100 when celebrating, Nelson Mandela’s centenarary birthday on 18 July this year, kulula overheard a conversation that Emily Sakulwa, born in March 1918 has a wish to fly. In the true spirit of giving and celebrating the magic of flying, kulula stepped up to the podium and decided to give Emily her #wingstofly.

Residing in the the township of Dimbuza in the Eastern Cape, kulula partnered with Europecar to provide Emily with the best flying experience ever. Together with the necessary airport arrangements, Emily flew to Cape Town international Airport to visit her children.

“It has always been our mission since launching to give all South African’s the #wingstofly. We knew instantly when overhearing the conversation about Emily, not having flown before at the age of 100, that we wanted to get involved and make the magic of flying possible for her. As South Africa’s first low-cost airline we still want to make flying as affordable and accessible to all South African’s, whilst making it fun to travel across South Africa,” says Luane Lavery, Brand Communications Manager for kulula.com.

“I am so excited for her and seeing the great welcoming that was arranged for her at the airport, made me happy and so emotional at the same time,” said Zethu Msindo, one of her grandchildren that phoned into Talk Radio 702 on Nelson Mandela Day.

Speaking about her first flying experience Emily was overwhelmed and in good spirits commenting that it was everything she had always dreamed of and a special moment. Never in her life has she thought that she would have the opportunity to fly and she thanks kulula from the bottom of her heart. She looks forward to spending time with her family in Cape Town which she can’t remember when last she saw them.

“Today I feel like a true celebrity. Nkosi Gakula,” she adds.