kulula hosts first ever braai in the sky

Johannesburg, 1 April 2014: South Africa’s favourite airline today announced another world-first service in air travel. To celebrate its home-grown roots, kulula.com will now partake in South Africa’s favourite pastime and host the first ever braai in the sky. A pilot study braai-flight will be conducted in the skies to determine the possibility of offering customers a braai catering option on board. If successful, going forward customers travelling on kulula.com will be able to select their favourite piece of braai meat or vegetable skewer from the cabin crew and have it braaied in mid-air.

Shaun Pozyn, Marketing Manager of kulula.com says, “In a recent customer satisfaction survey, when customers were asked what they would rather be doing instead of flying, braaing came out as one of the top choices. This result did not surprise us since braaing in South Africa is a past time that transcends race, class, culture and age. It is a common ground that unites all South Africans. Since we have never been afraid to try new and exciting things and we are constantly finding innovative ways to surprise and delight our customers, we have decided to look at the possibility of offering a braai catering offering on board.”

The typically South African onboard braai offering will include either a chop or piece of chicken or vegetable skewer flavoured with a unique kulula blend of herbs and spices; a piece of boerewors and a serving of pap and Chakalaka.

If successful, customers will be able to pre-select and pay for their braai meal at the same time as pre-paying for their seat on the kulula booking platform. Now that’s full-on South African travel.

To watch footage of the first ever braai in the sky pilot flight, visit kulula’s facebook page on 2 April.