kulula sports youngest fleet in SA

6th Next- Generation B737-800 on inaugural flight

On 26 October 2015 kulula.com operated the newest plane in their fleet – a Next-Generation Boeing 737-800. One of the most striking features of the new aircraft is the Boeing Sky Interior which includes modern sculpted sidewalls, larger overhead stowage bins and windows.

To improve the on board experience; the reading-light switches have been redesigned to allow customers to find them with ease and avoid accidentally pressing the flight-attendant call button. The speakers, which are integrated into each row's passenger-service unit improve the sound and clarity of onboard announcements.

The Next-Generation is the first commercial jet airplane certified for Ground Positioning System landings, which uses satellite technology to make landings more efficient and accurate. The aircraft is fitted with a new set of Split Scimitar Winglets (SSW) - cutting edge technology which reduces fuel consumption by 1.4% per aircraft, resulting in an average cost saving of R1.3 million per aircraft per year.

Among the 737 family, the B737-800 is a premium choice in terms of spacing, allowing kulula to seat up to 189 passengers per flight. Also, the Next-Generation 737 models are equipped with the latest CFM56-7BE engine program which helps the planes run at a cooler temperature. This also allows the engines to last longer between overhauls and are lighter on fuel.

The airline’s fleet upgrade strategy means that kulula.com now operates the youngest and greenest fleet of operational commercial aircraft in South Africa.