Take your holiday leave and reap the benefits

When it comes to this time of year, social events are on the rise, and when we should be winding down and preparing for a well earned end of year break, life just seems busier and more stressful. After a year of hard work and the fast pace of life, we are emotionally, mentally and physical spent. So you would think going on holiday would be high on most people's priority list, but the truth is many employees do not make use of all their annual leave.

kulula.com, South Africa's most adventurous airline brand, advocates the importance of taking a break to relax, rejuvenate and have fun!

Shaun Pozyn, Marketing Manager for kulula.com, says:

"Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life increases the potential for generating new ideas when we return to work. We've noticed that many employees return from holiday with a fresh perspective and bring loads of creative and inspiring ideas to the table - all because of the time they took off. The adventure and change of scenery is enough to shift your mentality into gear without you realising it."

Studies have proven that even getting away for short periods, like a long weekend, can do wonders for stress levels and emotional wellbeing - leading to a healthier you and an increase in life satisfaction. Performance at work increases after a holiday; employee reaction times increase and even the anticipation before going on leave can lead to an uptake in productivity among employees.

Besides all the benefits to your work life, shutting off from work has a positive effect on family life. It encourages you to spend time with loved ones, often neglected because of job pressures. And let's be honest everyone loves 'holiday you' – the fun, carefree person you become when you're on holiday.

Thinking of rather splurging on material possessions instead of going on holiday - think again. A study done at the University of Colorado, showed that physical possessions did not measure up against a holiday, because your experiences while on holiday are uniquely your own and can't be compared to other

people's experiences. And even though a two-week holiday seems short in the grand scheme of things, the memories continue to revisit you for a lifetime.

Now that we've convinced you to take your annual leave, it is important to note that once on holiday, you should not worry about the amount of work waiting at the office – shut off completely, truly relax, and be fully present and engaged, to feel the full benefits of a holiday.

So take the leave time you are entitled to and come back to work in the new year with a healthy life perspective and renewed motivation to achieve your 2014 goals.

On kulula.com you can book your flight, car and hotel for your well-deserved holiday this festive season. Now that's full-on-travel.