Suit up with Africa’s very own penguins

Undoubtedly the best dressed bird on the continent, the African Penguin wears its tux better than anyone at their home of Boulders Beach in Simons town. Once known as the jackass penguin because of its donkey-like hee-haws, the African Penguin has been a permanent resident on the sandy shores of Boulders Beach since 1982. Today, over 3000 penguins reside here and they can be observed all year round.

With boardwalks to wander, you can get up close and personal with these funky little characters in their very own natural habitat. The walk passes through thick dune vegetation, giving you a window into the colony life, where hundreds of nests lie with fluffy chicks waiting for mom to come back with a pulped-up sardine or two. It then proceeds to a lovely vantage point overlooking the beach where the rest of the population can be seen.
Some waddle on the sand, others bob in the swells and the brave traverse beach boulders with precisions that would make Sir Edmund Hillary cringe. An even better way to enjoy the penguins is to be the penguin… or at least act like one. Protected by large rocks, Boulders Beach is a great family-friendly swimming beach and is perfect for a day spent outdoors among the penguins on their own turf. Go exploring over the big, round rocks that give the beach its name, or settle down for a leisurely picnic for the afternoon.The penguin residents will treat you like any other friendly neighbour, but just remember folks at home: try not to get too close them, as these guys are still wild animals!

What makes Boulders so great is just how accessible it is to the public thanks to the bus stops, train station, and the high street of Simons Town right there. A conservation fee of R65 also ensures the beach is never crowded and your money is going to a great cause.