Stadium of dreams

One of Durbs’ most recognisable landmarks, the beautifully designed Moses Mabhida Stadium with its characteristic arch is a feat of engineering and a destination in its own right. This year the stadium will make history as the new finish venue for the 93rd edition of the Comrades Marathon on 10 June. But you don’t have to be an ultra distance runner. or play for the  stadium’s home team, AmaZulu FC, to get your kicks at this iconic site. Why not take your Durbs experience to new heights and do the Moses Mabhida Big Five?

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1) SkyCar and viewing platform

The stadium’s iconic grand centre arch, inspired by the “Y” shape on the South African flag, is not just a design feature. It is also the “track” of the SkyCar.

Mounted on an undercarriage, the SkyCar is a single cabin that runs up steel tracks on the Northern arch of the stadium and is designed to roll down the arch under its own gravity, enabling it to return to the lower station even in the event of a power failure.

The  SkyCar will take you on a two-minute ride up to the arch’s 106m high point, where you can get out onto the viewing platform and enjoy breathtaking 360º views of the city and ocean.

2) Big Rush Big Swing

In 2011, the Guiness Book of Records officially named the Big Rush Big Swing the world’s tallest swing. Urban adrenaline warriors can take the thrilling leap to free fall 80m into the stadium bowl.

Swing out into a massive 220m arc, and soar like the brave boss you are into the centre of the stadium. (We’re sure the roaring in your ears must be rapturous a applause from admiring onlookers)

3) Segway Gliding Tours

After that you deserve a comfort break. Or at least something a little more relaxing. It will be smooth sailing with a Segway Gliding Tour to suit you. There are five tour options taking you around the stadium, or to the promenade and beyond.

It will only take a quick 15-minute training session to get you coasting along the coast with your qualified Segway tour operator, feeling the wind in your helmet.

4) Adventure Walk

Remember the 106m-high viewing platform you cruised up to in the SkyCar? Well, there is another way to get there. It involves strapping on some safety equipment and taking a leisurely 20-minute walk to the top.

Up to nine people at a time may make the journey, and it is advisable to wear flat, comfy shoes. Use the stops to take some sky-high selfies because the panoramas are breathtaking.

5) Stadium Tour

Named after a giant of the anti-apartheid struggle, Moses Mbheki Mncane Mabhida, the majestic stadium’s design allows for natural ventilation and creates an incredible sense of space every bit as striking as the stadium›s famous arch.

You can take a tour into the heart of the stadium daily, from 9am to 4pm. Explore the state-of-the-art changerooms, and the suites used to relax.

Walk through the tunnel and step out onto the pitch, completely surrounded by over 50 000 seats that were conceptualised to look like the sea flowing onto the beach. Look up at the roof, made of 46 000 m² of Teflon- coated glass fibre membrane that produces a translucent glow when the stadium is lit up at night. All areas of the tour are wheelchair-friendly and carried out by knowledgeable guides.

After so much excitement, you will be hungry. Relax and enjoy the greenery of the nearby People’s Park after an adrenaline -filled day, and use the café’s free wifi to share all the amazing shots of your Moses Mabhida Big Five experience.