Wild Horizons Elephant Orphanage and Sanctuary - Zimbabwe

An elephant never forgets, and you too can have an unforgettable experience through an educational encounter with some of Africa’s biggest and most beautiful beasts. The Wild Horizons Elephant Sanctuary and Orphanage has been a safe haven for elephants of all ages, ranging between three and 35. Guests are free to enjoy a short film on the elephants of the sanctuary before they’re escorted to meet the giants themselves, as they bathe and drink from a watering hole. Once their hide is scrubbed and thirst quenched, it’s time to contribute to their 90 to 250kg daily intake of food. Either toss the kibble straight down the hatch or feel the force of a hundred hoovers as they siphon up the pellets with their trunks right from your hands. When you find the bottom of the bucket, the herd will say their gentle goodbyes, and disappear into the bush as the acacia trees swallow them up again until the next day. Rescue – rehabilitate – release is the Sanctuary’s mission.