Go deeper into Mauritius

Mauritius isn’t one of the most popular and idyllic holiday destinations in the world just for its sandy beaches. This beautiful country is also home to lush, green peaks which host breathtaking vistas over the island - some with 360 degree views. Trails and hikes can be enjoyed by visitors of all abilities and ages and are very accessible no matter where you are on the island. From the dramatic King Kong-like gorges of Black River Gorges National Park to the seemingly endless wonders of Maccabée Forest, there is no shortage of variety when it comes to hikes and trails in Mauritius.

On these hikes you can expect to come across some fantastic fauna and flora. Mauritius is world famous for its exquisite birdlife, notably the Pink Pigeon which is bright and vibrant and found only in the island’s forests. The Echo Parakeet and the Pic Pic are also exciting residents of the local bird population. Among the greenery where birds might hide, you will find exoticly coloured flowers like bright red anthurium plants, grapefruit, orange and other citrus trees. Explore nature and be adventurous in Mauritius from only R7 999 per person sharing including flights, transfers, 7 nights' accommodation and selected activities. Contact holidays@kulula.com.

Black River Gorges National Park

This park is found in the southwest corner of the island and covers a total area of 6, 754 hectares. The park offers a wide variety of different hikes both long and short, vertical and flat. One can also choose to explore the Mauritian wilderness alone, or enjoy the company and knowledge of a local guide who can teach you all about the 311 species of endemic plants and nine species of bird.

The Tamarind Falls

The Tamarind Falls are the stuff of dreams and fantasy. The walk begins down a stunning canyon where several waterfalls follow. As the trek moves on, hikers will be treated to the shade and coverage of the surrounding forests. If that isn’t enough, why not cool down in one of the natural basins, or let the rushing cascades splash over you as you stand under a waterfall.

The Corps de Garde

As one of the highest peaks on the island of Mauritius, Corps de Garde peaks at 780m and offers incredible panoramic views of the island. This hike is also one of the most exciting and thrilling as the path is surrounded by basalt rock and is steep enough for you to use your hands for balance. Though steep, the drops are never close enough to cause concern, but remain to be impressive.

La Nicoliere reserve

La Nicoliere reserve is a spectacular water reserve located in the Eastern parts of Mauritius. The lake is surrounded by rolling green hills and are covered by totally different vegetation to the coast. Along the trails you are likely to cross paths with monkeys, wild boars and bats in the evening.