Taste the sweet life in Mauritius

Sugar and sugarcane is indelibly associated with the history and development of Mauritius, making it what it is today in terms of its mixed heritage, its economy and agriculture. Mauritius produces some of the world’s best sugar, which you can sample at L’Aventure du Sucre, a popular museum in the Pamplemousses area. From flans to fruit salad, your sweet tooth will be thanking you that you took it along to paradise. Here are a few other sweet treats you may encounter on your travels. You can sample a few in person from only R7 999 per person sharing including flights, transfers, accommodation and selected activities. Contact holidays@kulula.com – now that’s a sweet deal!

Mauritian Napolitaines

Napolitaine is a quintessentially Mauritian sweet treat that locals love to enjoy with a nice cup of Bois Cheri tea. A napolitaine is traditionally made up of two circular melt-in-your-mouth buttery shortbread cookies with strawberry jam sandwiched between them, topped with a layer of sweet pink sugar icing. You can buy napolitaines everywhere: in small shops called Tabagies, at pastry shops (patisseries), in supermarkets and even in food courts.

Gato Carré Rouge (red cube cake)

The Mauritian version of the Lamington. Instead of the more familiar chocolate version, these are soaked in a bright red sugary sirop, covered in coconut and topped with a dollop of whipped cream. They are seen at pastry vendors across the country.

Gato coco (coconut cakes)

As coconuts are in abundance in Mauritius, you can find several food stalls selling these delicious cookies made from grated coconut and sugar.


Embrace Mauritius’ Indian influences and try genuine fresh Indian sweets, or mithai, at the Bombay Sweets Mart (Bourbon St, Port Louis). These intensely colourful creations come in all shapes and sizes and textures, some are wrapped in edible silver foil, some are made to look like fruit or flowers. A box of mithai from Bombay Sweets Mart makes a perfect souvenir to take home. Because the sweets are generally quite dry, they should stay fresh outside the fridge for at least a week – if immediately refrigerated, then you can expect them to last for two.

Gateau patat douce

These Mauritian sweet potato cakes are a tasty teatime treat. Sweet potato dough encases a filling of coconut, cardamom and sugar which is then deep fried. These are usually prepared at special occasions such as Diwali.