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k dot

We’d like to introduce you to the first of 8 brand spanking new planes to join the kulula fleet.

k dot is green on the outside and inside. The main reason we bought our new Boeing 737 800 is because it features the lowest carbon emissions per seat of any aircraft in its class. k dot also boasts a host of other features including “mood lighting” settings, just ask the crew to turn the dial to romantic.

Discovery Vitality

We’re proud of our longstanding partnership with Discovery in our efforts to bring you the best air travel and car hire savings. Added to the great deals you get with your Vitality membership, you now also get a “pick-me-up” for the eyes too! You’ll be spotting a lively green that’s bound to lift spirits and moods on our Discovery Vitality branded aircraft. With its unmistakable fresh feel, it’s a fitting choice to start your journey on.

flying 101

Flying 101 has flown around the world several times thanks to the power of email and internet. This plane was designed in-house by our graphic design team as part of our bigger strategy to demystify air travel and explain some of the unknowns around air travel and flying. Look out for some of the quirky lines like 'The big cheese' pointing to the Captain and 'The black box – that's actually orange'.

this way up

What better way to bring a large, comfortable flying box to life (with delicious food and gorgeous cabin crew). 

It is a box that carries the most precious cargo of all - you. So to ensure the safest journey with a laugh at the obvious, we present: 

'This way up', our newest Boeing 737-800. The graphics represent the stickers placed on boxes with fragile contents. The stark green and white colour combo ensures that another one of kulula's fleet can be seen from space (or at least the other side of the runway). We have painted our logo on the belly of the plane, so you know this kulula plane from above or below.


In 2009 we signed a deal with our car rental partner, Europcar to brand three of our aircraft in their colours. The first of the series has a big globe on it to represent their global reach in the car market. The second has lots of little cars on the back of the plane to represent all the car hire savings you'll get when you hire a car with them. The last aircraft has a uniquely South African feel with a 'vuvuzela man' on it – blowing his horn about our partnership and the great deals we offer together. (Watch this space for the pictures) Catch a ride with us in the air or on the ground.


We have two more planes, we like to think of them as our miminalistic planes. Their futures are so bright you need to wear shades when you board them.