kulula ID

kulula ID

We’re all about making your life easy and bringing the love of flying to as many people as possible. A kulula ID will make your online shopping experience faster and cooler.

To get your own travelbank account for any future compensations / eVouchers / kulula moolah, you’ll need a kulula ID.

All you need to do is register your details on our site. It makes booking a flight super fast as the details are stored on our site (even your credit card details) so you will never have to enter them again.

jetsetters already have a kulula ID created with their details, they're able to log in and use this cool tool by using their original jetsetter log in and password.

“Is that safe?” you ask, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure our site and partners are all PCI compliant (Payment Card Industry) that means we have the highest of safety standards so you don’t have to drag out your credit card every time you want to book. Simply click, click and go!

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