Firearms, sporting/toy guns and other weapons

Firearms and sporting/toy guns

Full definition of firearm:
A firearm is a weapon that launches one projectile or more at high velocity caused by igniting gunpowder or propelled by other means e.g. compressed air.

Sorry folks, whether for sporting, professional, recreational, military, hunting or any other purposes, all firearms, and ammunition can no longer be transported on board or British Airways (operated by Comair) flights. The cost of handling such items has become excessive and in some cases, it may even exceed the price of a flight and we no longer wish to pass these costs onto our customers. Absolutely no firearms will be allowed onboard, whether in your possession, in checked or hand luggage, or anywhere on our flights.

The following are examples of firearms or sporting/toy guns:

  • Rifles
  • Shot guns
  • Hand guns
  • Pistols
  • Long guns
  • Automatic weapons
  • Sub machine guns
  • Antique guns
  • BB Guns
  • Air / Pellet Guns
  • Toy Guns
  • Paint Ball Guns
  • Laser Pistols / Guns

If in doubt please call our Contact Centre 0861 KULULA (585852).

Other weapons:

The items below may be accepted for carriage on or British Airways flights. The items must be packed properly and will only be accepted as checked / hold baggage. The baggage may require a physical search to verify the item or content of the baggage to ensure everyone’s safety. These items may be processed via the Out of Gage / Fragile (OOG) facilities at the airports.

  1. Knives and ceremonial swords
  2. Spear guns
  3. Cross Bows
  4. Bows & Arrows

Please note that these items are prohibited in cabin baggage and will be confiscated at the security check points. They will be added to our danger box and packed far, far away!