kulula.com travel app

Your entire trip at your fingertips

Flying with kulula has never been this easy. Enjoy a paperless, stress-free journey as you manage everything on the app and stay on top of your travel game.

There will be no more rushing through the airport, getting travel amnesia or missing flights, as all the information you need will be at your fingertips and easily accessible - stored in one place!

Have a look at these awesome features:

Store your upcoming trips

Add all your upcoming itineraries on the mobile app and get quick access to information when you need it most, on the day you travel.

Whether you have a bucket list driven by your wanderlust or have a desire to keep track of your work travel, this feature is bound to come in handy and is easily accessible offline.

Store your upcoming trips

Access your flight information and easily share it with your pals & family

Don't worry about memorising your flights details, you can easily access your flight info anytime and anywhere.

While you're at it, why not share your itinerary (via WhatsApp, email etc.) with your friends, driver or loved ones to keep them in the loop about your arrival and departure times.

View flight information and share with your loved ones

Quick check-in & seat selection

When it's time to check-in, you can easily do so on the app (24 hours before flight departure) then conveniently skip long check-in queues and stroll your way through the airport on the day you travel.

Choose the perfect seat whether it's an aisle or window seat, and you can also be close to your loved ones and buddies or (pssst!) far away from your colleagues if you like.

Check-in and select your seat

View and share e-boarding passes

Time to fast track your trip! Use the app to check-in and avoid queues at the check-in counter for a quick trip to the bag drop counter.

You can then proceed straight to the security gate with your e-boarding pass, giving you one less thing to carry (be a hero and save paper!). Enjoy the ample time you have to relax before your flight and simply hit the share button if you wanna share your itinerary.

View and share e-boarding passes

Pack smarter and avoid unnecessary baggage

Always packing boots and leather jackets when you should be taking swim suits and flip flops?

Well, not on your next trip! You can easily check your destination's weather before arriving and be adequately prepared for your trip.

Check destination’s weather forecast

Quick access to manage booking, add extras, FAQs and more

Make your trip extra comfy and ensure you have all the extras you need.

The app gives you quick access to the kulula.com website to manage your booking and add extras like; flight and bag cover, pre-paid seats, SLOW XS Lounge (Lanseria), Q-Jump and extra bags - 24 hours before flight departure.

Quick access to manage booking, add extras, FAQs and more