group payments

standard group payment information

for bookings made before departurefull payment is required:
6 months 8 weeks before departure
3 to 6 months 6 weeks before departure
2 to 3 months 4 weeks before departure
6 weeks to 2 months within 1 week of making the reservation
4 to 6 weeks within 3 days of making the reservation
3 weeks within 2 days of making the reservation
1 week within 24 hours of making the reservation

  • Full passenger names are to be advised 2 weeks prior to departure 
  • If your reservation is booked within two weeks of departure all names are required within 24 hours 
  • Seats will be released without notification if payments and names are not advised according to the above terms 
  • All group bookings are considered as final once payment is received and tickets have been issued 
  • For more information, read the important group travel information in this section
  • Cancellation fees apply