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  • 'pips' Mango

    South Africa's non-taxpayer subsidised low-fare airline, today announced that it will undercut the fares of the new SAA low cost airline.'s fares on its eight domestic routes … more

  • thinks Mango will go vrot staked it's claim today as the leader of low fare travel in South Africa. "Forgive me if I brag a bit but we introduced low fare air travel into this country over 5 years ago and in that … more

  • takes strong stance on threats has issued a strong statement following the incident earlier today on board MN120 from Cape Town to Johannesburg. During the flight two passengers made threatening remarks to the cabin … more

  • Disruption on flight

    Comair Limited (Comair) has confirmed a verbal threat was made by a passenger and an accomplice on flight MN 120 from Cape Town to Johannesburg. 

    The captain was alerted to the … more