seat selection

You can now pre-book your seat for just R70 (incl. VAT) and choose a view of the clouds or a quick exit at the aisle. There are three different ways to secure your seat before flying:

  • Normal seat selection – select a seat within 24 hours prior to your flight departure using one of our self-service options online, mobi and airport kiosk
  • Pre-paid seating – this option allows you to book and pay for a preferred seat in advance up to 24 hours prior to your flight departure
  • Automatic seat allocation – if you haven’t selected either of the above options, your seat will be assigned at the airport check-in counter by one of our friendly check-in agents


Seating rules apply to all seating types. Check the exit row seating information below.
When travelling with friends or family, to ensure you’re seated together you may check in online 24 hours before flight departure and select your seats or buy pre-paid seats.

normal seat selection

Choose your seat online within 24 hours prior to flight departure via the web on your desktop, tablet or smart phone. You can select your seat when you check in online or using your mobile or at the airport check-in kiosks.

pre-paid seats

You can buy a seat online 24 hours or more prior to departure. To be assured that you have a view of the clouds or a seat close to the food trolley, pre-book your favourite seat for just R70 (incl. VAT).Get more info on pre-paid seats.

automatic seat allocation

It’s not necessary to pre-select your seat before arriving at the airport; this is entirely up to you. If you haven’t gone online to select a seat, a seat will automatically be assigned to you when you check in at the airport counter. We cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to sit next to your travel group.

exit row seating conditions

The exit row seats are situated at the emergency doors. For safety reasons these seats are not available in advance for pre-paid seating or online check-in seat selection.
Exit row seats are:

  • Only assigned at the check-in counters and not available for pre-selection either as pre-paid seats or online check-in
  • Only available to able-bodied passengers who qualify to meet certain safety requirements
  • Not available for infants, children,  disabled or elderly persons


Ready to select your seat? Check in online and proceed to the seat you fancy.