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Tuesday, 12 January 2021 06:35 AM

From boerewors to bobotie, biltong to bredie, our country isn’t short on delicious traditional food. The east-coast city of Durban is a food-lover’s hub, with its prized dish – the bunny chow. If there was one meal in our country that holds celebrity status, it’s this one, and Durbs has it in surplus. Here are the best bunny chow spots in the city.

Hollywood Bunny Bar

Hollywood Bunny Bar at Hollywood Bets has been the go-to bunny chow restaurant in Durban for over 15 years, and has become a household name. The interior of the restaurant is quirky in colour and character-filled, but the highlight is, without a doubt, the bunny chow. Their secret to success? “Never compromising on quality,” says food and beverage manager Dhanesh Roopraj.

Capsicum Restaurant

Capsicum Restaurant in Britannia Hotel has a reputation for an extensive menu with delicious meals found on every page. Their most notable and most popular meal though, is bunny chow, with a larger selection of bunny chow available than other restaurants. Salivate into lamb chop bunny or tuck into trotters bunny, it’s all there.

The Curry O’s

Few things can match a home-cooked meal, but a bunny chow at The Curry O’s can. The Naidoo family creates every bunny chow with tender love and care, just as a home cook would. Rajini Naidoo started from humble beginnings, first serving bunny chow at her stall at a Bangladesh Market. Today, she is serving delicious bunny chow with the perfect balance of spice and quality.

Cane Cutters

No bunny chow list would be complete without the addition of Cane Cutters, a restaurant providing authentic Indian cuisine and an amazing selection of bunnies. Their succulent options are quarter or half loaves. Keep it simple with trotters and beans, or get fancy with prawn curry.

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