Welcome to the water world of uShaka Marine

Tuesday, 12 January 2021 12:04 PM

At the end of Durban’s Golden Mile is the beginning of an otherworldly place. Step out of the city and enter uShaka Marine World, a place where you get to explore shipwrecks, come uncomfortably close to sharks with razor sharp teeth, and the wildest water rides. This is where you will come to find unlimited fun.

uShaka Marine World is every child’s dream brought to life. Here, you get to explore the recreated ruins of a 1940s cargo ship as part of the fifth largest aquarium in the world by volume of water.

At the heart of uShaka Marine World, you can experience the salt water aquarium with indoor and outdoor displays and exhibits, including a 1 200-seater dolphin stadium, where you get to see these beautiful, agile creatures. There is also a seal stadium and penguin rookery for you to be entertained. There are also edutainment tours and interactive activities like snorkelling and scuba dives, which each provide a totally immersive and mesmerising experience.

Other interactive experiences include Rocky Touch Pool, where you have the opportunity to touch a starfish and feel the skin of a sea cucumber. But maybe this is too tame for you. In which case, the Dangers of the Deep allows you to meet with some of the ocean’s most feared creatures. Stand atop a purpose-built balcony at feeding time and brush the strange, sandpaper-like skin of a shark as it swims by.

If you’re looking for a little added thrill, the Wet ‘n Wild World offers unrivalled excitement, with swimming pools, river rides and water slides to be used. With names like The Body Tornado, Mamba Tunnel Slide and The Drop Zone, you know you’re in for a good time.

Your adventures will, of course, take you to one of the many restaurants for succulent meals, some of which can be spent in the aquarium itself! If it’s shopping you’re after, uShaka has over 11 250 square metres of retail space to invade, with boutiques, outdoor gear stores, as well as arts and crafts available.

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