Safety card

While we take fun seriously, we take safety on our flights even more seriously. That’s why you’ll find our safety cards in the pocket sleeve of every seat in-front of you on all our aircrafts. Prior to departure, flight attendants will explain the illustrations on the card such as the location of emergency exits, how to put on your seat belt and more.

If you have a thing for safety cards from around the world for more reasons than just good old-fashioned safety, then you’re in luck; you can now download the kulula safety card. Yes, the actual kulula safety card that we have onboard all our flights is available for download right here.

Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Download the two pages of the safety card
  2. Print on A3 paper
  3. Paste the 2 pages back to back before cutting them
  4. Now make sure you cut along the guide lines
  5. Laminate it and you have a safety card as good as the real thing
kulula in-flight safety card

To download the PDF, right click and select 'save target as'.

* Requires a PDF reader. Get Adobe Reader