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Add extras to your kulula flight

Please note: Flight and bag cover is temporarily unavailable.

You can choose to add extra bags, flight and bag cover or pre-paid seats to your flight booking. Start by filling in your name and booking code on the left.


Extra Bags
Extra bags

Add extra bags up to 2 hours before your flight. Add it now and save up to 25% when adding extra bags online, from only R330 per person and R410 per person at the airport.

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Flight and Bag
Flight & bag cover

We highly recommend adding flight & bag cover for peace of mind so you can enjoy your holiday or get on with important business, from only R45 per person.

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Skip long flight boarding queues at the airport, from only R40 per person.

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pre-paid seats
Pre-paid seats

Secure where you sit up to 24 hours before you fly, from only R65 per person.

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Other airlines

When booking a flight on the website, you may have selected an airline other than kulula. which means different rules will apply:

British Airways (operated by Comair)
British Airways (operated by Comair)

Visit with your flight reference number found on the travel itinerary to add extras to your flight

other airlines

Airline Network

If your flight operated by a different airline, please visit the airline specific website to manage or add extras to your booking.

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